Small humidification goods that don’t require a power source

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In search of Christmas goodies.

I decided to make a Christmas wreath, so I went to a store called "Can-Do" to look for decorating goods.

There is already a mountain of Christmas goods at the entrance of the shop.
There is a tree ornament gift box made of Styrofoam inside, and it is full of fluffy cotton. I remember opening a decorative gift box as a child and being disappointed and offended.

There were some wreaths without any decorations on them, so I feel that they are beautiful enough to make a beautiful wreath just from "Can-Do" products.

I didn't buy any lease-related products this time, as I was previewing, but I did find some interesting products to buy.

Non-electric humidifier

Is this the kind of thing that's popular this winter? I see a lot of eco-humidifiers where you put a felt or non-woven figurine in the shape of an animal or plant on top of the water and let it absorb and evaporate the water! I've been wanting a bit of a green reindeer shaped product for a while now because I have a friend who has one in the shape of a green reindeer.

The black cat on the left is the main body, and the Alice-patterned plate on the right was purchased to serve as a receptacle for water.

Here are the instructions on the back. Easy design.

Oh, I just realized when I was uploading the pictures that you can combine it with aromatic oils. I think I still had some leftover blood orange oil that I bought last year. I like the citrus scent. Maybe even sandalwood or something else.

The assembly is complete. The black cat is sitting on a plate filled with water.

The black silhouette has a tremendous presence. It absorbs moisture quickly and keeps his whole body moist. His butt looks really cold, but I've already had two colds this year, so I need him to kill the germs!

Hang in there!

I'll start gathering materials for the wreath a little at a time next week.

Added 12/21/2018. A reborn black cat.

I used the Black Cat as a humidifier for a while, but I still found that when the temperature drops, the evaporation slows down and I don't feel the humidifying effect as much.

The instructions said that adding water with aromatic oils to the saucer would help relax it, but since it evaporates so slowly, I decided to sprinkle my favorite perfume on it instead.

I sprinkled the perfume over the black cat's entire body a couple of times.
It's a perfume called Aqua Sapphire by Rising Wave. It's not as much of a citrus scent, but it's not too sweet and summery.

The scent of the perfume spread throughout the room and I felt like I could sleep well!。

Mixing one black cat with a variety of fragrances can ruin it, so if you're going to use it this way, you might as well have more than one black cat.

I remember a time when I used to secretly enjoy the scent of L'Occitane perfume tester paper in my purse.

It's almost impossible to find the exact same scent even if it's the same product, because the scent of the perfume changes every second, as you open and close the lid of the bottle and it slowly evaporates.

The perfume you get will be unique in the world.If you see a scent you like, pick it up immediately and try it.

After that

A black cat who is overly loved by sweets.


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